Saturday, May 21, 2011

For the Bride!

In honor of her marriage this week, I've assembled a collection of comic covers (from the scanned work of others) featuring weddings! Enjoy your day Gwen! May the vows you make last a lifetime. I pray that you will be happy and content and that Lord willing y'all will be blessed with children one day.

It's always good when you marry your best friend!

Gwen's hubby get's the character of Betty...

...with the looks of Veronica!

It's nice that people can still find happiness in these troubling times.
(And you thought y'all waited a long time...)

Don't worry if you didn't get your invite, the air fare would've been expen$ive!

Some vows never go out of style.

Aim high! 40 years is a good place to START!

This was so wacky, I had to include it.

You'd be running fast too... get to the fun stuff!
(And it's still fun 18.5 years and counting...)

Ending with one of Gwen's favorite series -- the only Legion wedding I could find
(you've got to read the cover copy to even realize it).


Jim, you have a great time over there too!


  1. Now Gwen, if your Aunt May gets shot, DO NOT TALK TO THE MAN IN RED!!

    And Congrats!

    BTW: Matthew, nice post!

  2. Thanks Shawn. I just realized I should've included the covers for Love and Capes #12!

  3. Matthew - Nice - just got back - extreme jet lag. All went well and the wedding went perfect.