Friday, May 20, 2011

Marvel Preview Review for July Part 3 of 3

Finally, the end...

Created by Brian Michael Bendis & Mark Bagley
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils & Cover by Mark Bagley
Variant Covers by David Mack & Michael Avon Oeming
The first creator-owned book by Ultimate Spider-Man co-creators Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley, Brilliant tells the story of a handful of college-age geniuses who challenge each other to solve the mystery of superpowers. Can the best and brightest change science fiction into science fact? And if so, how will the world at large react? Brilliant is a thriller of the highest order. It is a story of how true power can either destroy or protect the strongest of friendships. It is the story of how the world will react when our true potential is finally unlocked. This fast-talking, whip-smart new series will thrill fans of Ultimate Spider-Man, Powers and Scarlet. 40 PGS./ $3.95
Lee: Bendis seems to be turning out more and more outside-the-Marvel-U stories these days. With a smaller cast and a lack of massive continuity, I’m betting this will be good. I am looking forward to it.
Greg: Its always nice to get creator owned Bendis. Hopefully this is a bit stronger than Scarlet, which has its attributes, but is all over the place.

Written by Grant Morrison
Penciled by Jae Lee & Manuel Gutierrez
Covers by Jae Lee
Reed Richards. Sue Richards. Benjamin Grimm. Johnny Storm. They rocketed into outer space aboard an experimental starship, the first humans to attempt interstellar travel. But a freak encounter with cosmic radiation altered their lives forever, granting each amazing abilities! Now, Marvel’s First Family finds its members divided — their unique powers stretched to the absolute limit, their time-tested resolve pushed to the point of breaking. Each chapter of this quintessential collection focuses on one member of the cosmic quartet as the team’s greatest foes band together in an all-out assault on the FF! Plus: In Grant Morrison’s only other Marvel Knights story, superspy Nick Fury is targeted for death! Collecting Fantastic Four: 1234 #1-4 and material from Marvel Knights Double-Shot #2. 120 PGS./ $19.99
Lee: Jim was kind enough to send me the single issues and I have to say…. It’s pure Morrison. If you like his work then you will love this. I tend to find his ideas excellent but poorly executed with things occurring off screen or for no apparent reason. But, that’s Morrison, love him or hate him.
Greg: I know we all love Morrison here, and there's some good things about this mini, but reading it, I'm kinda glad that we never got a Morrison FF. It just felt like it was trying too hard to be edgy. Very strange book.

Written by Jason Aaron
Penciled & Cover by Adam Kubert
Spider-Man and Wolverine! Everyone’s favorite wisecracking web-spinner and ferocious furball come together in their first major series ever! The superstar creative team of Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert send Spidey and Wolvie to the edges of the Marvel Universe as they face such awful beings as the Czar, Big Murder and Doom the Living Planet! But who is the major Marvel villain pulling the strings? And can Spidey and Wolvie refrain from killing one another long enough to find out? Collecting Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1-6 and material from the Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine #1 Director’s Cut. 176 PGS./ $24.99
Lee: I believe I heard Greg call this scrump-dilly-icious comic book fun. The real question: is it as good as Frankencastle?
Greg: Yes, yes, a thousands times yes. This is the best thing Jason Aaron has written at Marvel that doesn't involve firey aquatic vengeance.

Written by Tom Defalco
Penciled & Cover by Ron Frenz
The Black Galaxy beckons, and the mysteries of the living bioverse wait to be discovered! The Celestials are converging, the High Evolutionary and his new race of men are prepared to exploit the new universe, and the Watcher…watches. Meanwhile, Thor, Hercules and the Avengers must face the threat of Stellaris on Earth before rocketing into space! You won’t believe what waits for the God of Thunder in the deadly Black Galaxy! Collecting Thor (1966) #419-425. 232 PGS./ $19.99
Lee: THIS IS AWESOME. The closest you will ever get to Stan Lee & Jack Kirby’s Thor. Text boxes, thought balloons, long drawn out battles beautifully illustrated by Frenz, who appears to be channelling Kirby. This is pure guilty pleasure.
Greg: I dunno, I mean, how guilty are we talking here? Frankencastle or Shark Rider?

Written by Tom Defalco, Mike Lackey, Howard Mackie, Todd Dezago, Glenn Herdling, Evan Skolnik & Dan Jurgens
Penciled by Mark Bagley, Gil Kane, John Romita Jr., Tod Smith, Sal Buscema, Paris Karounos, Tom Morgan, Scott Mcdaniel, Patrick Zircher, Joe St. Pierre & Dan Jurgens
Cover by Steven Butler
Meet Ben Reilly, clone of Spider-Man! When Peter Parker decides to retire, Ben takes up the job as the new web-slinger in town, the Scarlet Spider! And there’s no shortage of foes waiting to fight him — including Dr. Octopus, Venom, Carnage, the new Green Goblin, Kaine, the High Evolutionary, Joystick and the Looter! Plus: The Scarlet Spider joins the New Warriors! Collecting Spider-Man: The Parker Years, New Warriors (1990) #65-66, Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1, Web Of Scarlet Spider #1-2, Amazing Scarlet Spider #1-2, Scarlet Spider #1-2, Spectacular Scarlet Spider #1-2, Green Goblin #3. and Sensational Spider-Man (1996) #0 and Mini-Comic. 424 PGS./ $39.99
Lee: There was a collection for the Original Clone Saga, the Clone Saga, and now, capping it all, the BEN REILLY epic. Collections don’t get any better than this True Believers!!!! Please note, that last sentence is full of sarcasm.
Greg: Reading this solicitation, my childhood cries out for vengeance. TO ME, MY SHARK RIDER!

Lee: Not a perfect month but still some good stuff in there. Even though I know it will just be pages and pages and pages of Stan Lee-esque text and fight scenes, I am really looking forward to Thor Black Galaxy. It's everything that is good and bad about Thor in one package.
Greg: There is a lack of Spirits of Vengeance on sea life, but its not bad.

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