Sunday, June 30, 2013

Comic Covers Sunday: Friends Who Died

We complain alot of the lack of relevance when a character dies in comics.  In fact, Death in Comics (DIC), has become so meaningless that when the Wasp died, it didn't move the needle.  Damien died recently and we're all just waiting for him to show back up.  So, I asked the guys what "deaths" have had the most meaning for you and this is the response I got... enjoy.

Lori and Judy, The Walking Dead #48, April 2008
Pencils/inks: Charlie Adlard
This has get to be the best DIC in the past few years.  Kirkman was faking this, he just killed'em.  And, he did in probably one of the most horrific ways imaginable.  As DIC goes, this is a classic.

Phoenix, X-men #137, September 1980
Pencils: John Byrne
Inks: Terry Austin
This story, and cover, is almost a cliché these days so let's skip the relevance of the story and focus on the real question.  How many of your friends bought this and then said to you "yeah, but I have a comic worth over $2k!" 

Jason Todd - Robin, Batman #428, December 1988
Pencils/inks: Mike Mignola
Believe it or not I've never read this story.  I didn't (still don't actually) like Aparo's art in the storyline.  I just can't get past it.  That said, I think DC owes Jim the $4 he spent calling in trying to kill the character.

Gwen Stacy, Amazing Spider-man #121, June 1973
Pencils/inks: John Romita
Another cliché but it's such a classic storyline, and a pivotal moment in all of comics you have to mention it.  This is considered the end of the Silverage!

Terra, Tales of the Teen Titans Annual #3, 1984
Pencils/inks: George Perez
This was my pick.  Why?  Because before this story, I couldn't remember a 'hero' going bad.  Or at least not this bad and this crazy.  It's a classic storyline that still holds up to this day.  And, more amazingly, Terra is the only superhero on this list that hasn't been resurrected.  Actually, a hero with the name and powers has been around but I am not sure it's this one. 

That's it for today, feel free to leave you're best DIC in the comment section.  Then go outside and enjoy your Sunday!

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