Saturday, November 10, 2012

ARROW -- A Recommendation

Yesterday afternoon got away from me what with an unexpected Charlie Brown stomach-ache, so I don't have lots to say this week.  However, I did want to give a shout-out to the AWESOME new CW series ARROW (I didn't see that anyone had mentioned it previously in my hasty search).  It really is a tremendous show and my wife and I are thoroughly enjoying it.  I don't think we've watched a first-run TV series together in (almost) real-time since the first season of Heroes.  It doesn't help that we have pitiful limited basic cable (leaves more funds for my comic budget) that doesn't even present the show in HD.  What does help is that you can watch all the episodes (sadly with commercials) online for free here! We just stream it later and I'll be watching the fifth episode tonight.

They've already shown a comic book accurate Deadshot and soon Deathstroke is supposed to appear.  A friend of mine said he hasn't been this excited about seeing the next episode of a super-hero show since the 70's Incredible Hulk and claims it's better than Smallville on it's best day.  I've already signed up for the monthly comic coming out soon.  Go check it out and enjoy.


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