Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Gerry Conway Interview Kickstarter

Roger Priebe contacted us regarding a Kickstarter project which you can see by clicking this link. Before we could get the post up and running he already reached his goal, but the great thing with these projects are you can still participate and get a copy of the over 3 hour interview with someone who was heavily involved in writing and editing (even editor in chief at Marvel) for awhile. There are only a few days left so get over there and jump in. Also check out the Kickstarter site for a over 8 minute clip of the interview.

For fun we are Roger to answer a few brief questions.

Gerry Conway
Jim: A Gerry Conway interview sounds interesting. Why don’t you tell us a little about yourself and the project?
Roger: My name is Roger Priebe, and I have been a comic book fan for over 25 years now.  Even more than that, I love the history behind the comic books. I soak up magazines like “Alter Ego” and “Back Issue” like sponges. I can never get enough of the stories behind the comics. And as an independent filmmaker from Cleveland Ohio, I decided to put my two loves together. Why not film a interview of one these comic book legends for a DVD? I mean, just imagine if we had this kind of interview with people like Jack Kirby, Bob Kane, Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster? People like that and those story’s are now gone forever. So I decided something needed to be done!

I’ve had this idea for this style of interview and it was a matter of finding the right person for the first one. And luckily Gerry understood perfectly what this series of interview dvd’s could be. And he gave one of the greatest interviews I have ever seen. Gerry is very open, entertaining, and informative about not only his entire career but the comic book industry in general.

Jim: What was the focus of the interview?
Roger: This is career retrospective interview from how Gerry started reading comics, to how he got into writing comic books all the way through to the end of his career. Plus we talk about other people that Gerry has worked with throughout his career.
Topics include:
·  How he got started writing comics
·  Killing Gwen Stacy and Green Goblin
·  Creating the Punisher
·  Becoming editor in chief of Marvel comics
·  DC/Marvel crossovers
·  Creating new characters
·  Justice League Detroit
·  Some incredible Stan Lee story’s
·  And so much more!!!!!

Jim: Why a DVD as opposed to some other format (like print)?
Roger: Well, it’s always more fun seeing and hearing the person then reading an interview.

Jim: If this succeeds, any plans to line up other people?
Roger: Are you kidding me? I have a huge list of people I would love to interview. And once people see what this project is and what it can do. I think more comic professionals will be open to it.

Jim: If you had only one shot left to interview any comic professional who would it be?
Roger: That’s easy, STAN LEE!!!!

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  1. Gee, thanks Jim. You just cost me 30 bucks! How could I say no. I can't wait to watch who Roger interviews next. He should start with the old guys before they lose their memory. Even though I see Herb Trimpe every year, I'd love to have an in-depth interview of him.