Thursday, June 25, 2009

Comics And World Tour

It's official, Comics And.. will be in Chalon Sur Saone, France from July 5 though July 11.

It's our first world tour. Well, more like my first world tour since I'm the only one from the team going.

If anyone can recommend a good restaurant, I'd appreciate any help.

If anyone wants to meet, discuss comics, and have a good meal, that's cool too.

Be warned... Je ne parle pas le français très bien.


  1. You're only jealous now. The office I'm going to, like most of France, doesn't have AC. My contact tells me his office should be in the low 90's while I'm there.

    Now that's a cool working-vacation!

  2. pfft, I don't care how hot it is. I'd still love to go to France.

  3. Try the McDonald's, the McEscargot are delicious