Monday, June 08, 2009

What I’m Getting Wednesday June 10

This is “The Final Dark War Secret Night Invasion” week at Comics And Other Imaginary Tales. “The What I’m Getting” post will cross-over into Wednesday’s Daily Life. Tuesday’s “Best and Worst” acts as a prequel to “Thursday’s Preview Review” and they all tie together in the Friday’s “Fistful of Reviews”. Then we have the special bonus A & B epilogues which are Saturday’s “Random Post” and Sunday’s “Comics Cabinet”. Now while each column can be enjoy on its own they are thematically tied together and of course if you read them out of order it could hurt the earth shattering ending of another episode. After this week nothing will ever be the same, jaw dropping graphics, status quo altering events and characters live and die as the Universe, multi-verse, dimensional interspaces are destroyed. Really you can’t afford to miss a single day. If you miss a post other fans will mock and laugh at you for not being there the day the music died, they will be singing bye, bye, Ms. American Pie, drove my chevy – or Prius - to the levy. There will be multiple fonts used, collect them all.

Yet as much as I and other complain about the cross-overs, if the sales numbers suck the companies will slow them down.

The books I’m looking forward to most this week are:

Batman #687 - The good thing is Dick Grayson is now Batman, the bad thing is this book is being written by Judd Winick, who is extremely hit and miss, I’m hoping for a hit. The hype “Written by Judd Winick; Art by Ed Benes and Rob Hunter; Cover by Tony Daniel and Sandu Florea. In this special epilogue to BATTLE FOR THE COWL, new BATMAN writer Judd Winick rejoins the Bat Family! This 40-page issue explores the final moments of the Battle for the Cowl as the new Batman learns that winning the Cowl comes at a high price! Witness the new Batman taking to the streets of Gotham City for the first time! Putting a new man inside the Bat-suit was the easy part – now the fun begins! Guest-starring Superman and Wonder Woman, this issue is a must-read for any Batman fan.”

Final Crisis HC – I was going to pass on this hard cover even though I wanted to read it all in one sitting (remember I never keep any comics anymore), but it was missing the Superman two part story. The revised solicitation added that and the Submit book by Morrison and with those books added I decided to buy this, now if I can just re-read it soon. DC says it contains “DC Comics has expanded the contents of the FINAL CRISIS HC! Now running 352 pages, this title will include FINAL CRISIS #1-7, FINAL CRISIS: SUBMIT #1 and FINAL CRISIS: SUPERMAN BEYOND #1-2, all written by Morrison, along with a new cover by J.G. Jones depicting the penultimate scene of the series. – The original Solicit - Written by Grant Morrison; Art by J.G. Jones, Carlos Pacheco, Jesus Merino, Marco Rudy, Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy; Cover by J.G. Jones. The year's most mind-blowing event is collected in this spectacular new hardcover featuring FINAL CRISIS #1-7! What happens when evil wins? That's the devastating question Superman, Batman, the Justice League and every other super being in the DC Universe must face when Darkseid and his otherworldly legion of followers actually win the war between light and dark. Written by superstar creator Grant Morrison (JLA, BATMAN) with stellar art from J.G. Jones (52 covers), Carlos Pacheco (SUPERMAN) and Doug Mahnke (BLACK ADAM), this event defined the DCU and the New Gods for the 21st century and beyond! (240 Pages).” Big difference in my view.

Flash Rebirth #3 (of 6) - This book started slow and then picked up the pace, but #2 ended strange. Still not sure where we are going with this book, but I’m curious to see where it takes us. The word “Written by Geoff Johns; Art and covers by Ethan Van Sciver. At last, the answer to the question that's plagued DC fans for decades: Who's faster, Superman or The Flash? Call your bookie and bet the farm, because you've never seen a run like this – and if speedsters keep dying at the pace they're going, you might never see another one again!”

The Immortal Iron Fist Brubaker/Fraction/AJA Omnibus – At one time I thought this run would be it for Iron Fist, but the new writer has built on the foundation laid by this group and kept Iron Fist as one of my favorite Marvel titles. This volume contains “Written by ED BRUBAKER & MATT FRACTION Penciled by DAVID AJA, TRAVEL FOREMAN, SAL BUSCEMA, RUSS HEATH, JOHN SEVERIN, HOWARD CHAYKIN, DAN BRERETON, TONCI ZONJIC, JELENA KEVIC DJURDJEVIC, KANO, KHARI EVANS, LEANDRO FERNANDEZ, NICK DRAGOTTA, MIKE AND LAURA ALLRED, MITCH BREITWEISER & LEWIS LAROSA, Cover by DAVID AJA. Experience a brand-new kind of Iron Fist story - one steeped in legends and fables, magic and adventure, and a historical sweep that stretches back through the centuries - as the living weapon returns in this hard-hitting martial-arts epic by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, David Aja and a who's who of artistic collaborators! Orphaned as a child and raised in the lost city of K'un-Lun, Danny Rand returned to America as the mystical martial artist Iron Fist - but all his kung-fu skills can't help him find his place in the modern world. After learning the hard way that the centuries-spanning legacy of the Iron Fist holds more secrets than he ever dreamed possible, Danny is ushered to the fabled city of K'un-Lun to fight in a tournament against the Immortal Weapons of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. It is a round of games that occurs every 88 years as the different cities connect together on the same mystical plane. At stake is the life of his friend, the legacy of his father and mentor, and the future of K'un-Lun. And despite the awesome new powers and knowledge granted to him by the mysterious Orson Randall, will Danny be ready when the tournament calls his name? Plus: There have been sixty-six men and women to carry the mantle of the Immortal Iron Fist. Witness their story in The Book of the Iron Fist. Collecting IMMORTAL IRON FIST #1-16, CIVIL WAR: CHOOSING SIDES, ANNUAL #1, ORSON RANDALL AND THE GREEN MIST OF DEATH and THE ORIGIN OF DANNY RAND.”

Rebels #5 – I have been enjoying each and every issue of this series so far. Easily the best work of Tony Bedard that I have ever read. This book has a great feeling about it and Tony has what seems to be a solid direction for the book. The pitch “Written by Tony Bedard; Art by Claude St. Aubin and Scott Hanna; Cover by Ed Benes and Rob Hunter. As the abductor of the intergalactic L.E.G.I.O.N. police force stands revealed, the entire sector mobilizes its forces. Vril Dox's renegade team of freedom fighters joins up with the Omega Men, Durlans, Khunds and Dominators, but it all amounts to devastating consequences…”

Red Robin #1 – Tim Drake becomes Red Robin, since Robin has been taken and begins his search for Bruce Wayne. Not sure what to expect for this book, but I think DC has given new life to the Bat family as I’m looking forward to each title as they roll them out. The guy from marketing says “Written by Christopher Yost ; Art by Ramon Bachs ; Cover by Francis Manapul. Writer Chris Yost (New X-Men, X-Force) and artist by Ramon Bachs (Civil War: Front Line) kick off a brand-new ongoing series right here with "The Grail" part 1 of 4! Following the aftermath of BATTLE FOR THE COWL, a new Batman watches over Gotham City. But not everyone is ready to give up on the old one. Someone believes that Bruce Wayne may still be alive…and that someone is Red Robin. But who is wearing the Red Robin costume, and why is he traveling the globe looking for a dead man? Whoever he is, he's not alone in his search!”

Resurrection Vol 2 #1 – I wanted to like this series more then I did the first time out. After I saw the FCBD book for the second volume, it looks like this will do it better then Volume 1. The solicitation copy “The ground-breaking series from hit writer Marc Guggenheim (Eli Stone) returns in a new, on-going full-color series! The invasion came swiftly and without warning.But after ten years of death and destruction raining down from above, the otherworldly oppressors have vanished. Why did the leave? Why did they attack in the first place? And where do the survivors go from here? Find out in this action-packed, intrigue-fueled new series!”

The Walking Dead #62 – Just because I often have books that I enjoy each and every issue and because they are consistently good they get taken for granted. So I’m giving this book a little extra loving this month and moving to the top of the list. More than just Zombies, but it has those too. The hype “THE HUNT BEGINS!” It all starts here, the most explosive story-arc in WALKING DEAD history. Who lives? Who dies? Watch as our characters discover just how dangerous the Road To Washington actually is.” This is a great series and this is a decent jumping on point.

The rest of the list:

Absolution #0 (of 6) - by Christos Gage & Roberto Viacava Super-star writer Christos Gage gets to cuts loose with his first series at Avatar with a seven issue epic that kicks off here with a specially priced #0! John Dusk is a man of honor. He has been fighting crime inside the rules of the law. He respects the laws he's been sworn to uphold. But day after day, bringing in the same scum, and watching the revolving door of justice, there comes a time when a man is pushed too far. When you're bound by rules that the bad guys ignore, when the criminals are going free, when the worst kind of man is loosed on the world, when do you finally take a stand? Where do you draw the line between being the good guy, and getting the job done - for good? Absolution is the story of masked heroes pushed to the brink, standing on their own, and against their best friends. Sometimes, a man just needs killing.

Action Comics #878Written by Greg Rucka; Art by Fernando Dagnino and Raul Fernadez; Cover by Andrew Robinson. Nightwing and Flamebird, meet Nadira Va-Dim and Az-Rel, the Bonnie and Clyde of Krypton. They've got all of your powers, but absolutely none of your morals. Good luck!

Anna Mercury 2 #1 (of 5)Anna Mercury is back in this summer's biggest epic! Warren Ellis' fiery red-head returns to once again explode into mad science-fiction action with the stellar art of Facundo Percio, returning from the smash-hit original series! A city-state from the strange superdimensional space of The Constellation sends a probe to Earth.

Batman Confidential #30Written by Andrew Kreisberg; Art by Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens; Cover by Stephan Roux. "Bad Cop" part 2 of 2! Facing the rogue Gotham City police officer who was "created" by The Joker – Commissioner Gordon and Batman receive desperate help from an unusual source: young Barbara Gordon.

Booster Gold #21 - Written by Dan Jurgens and Matthew Sturges; Art by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund and Mike Norton; Cover by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund. "Day of Death" part 1! When Booster Gold learns of Batman's death, he visits the Batcave, but runs into a new Dark Knight. Fists will fly and Batman will die…again! And in the debut of a new 10-page co-feature, Blue Beetle is back! While enjoying a peaceful lunch with his friends, Jaime Reyes – and all of El Paso, Texas – are attacked by a marauding 50-foot robot, and only Blue Beetle can stop this mechanized monster.

BPRD War on Frogs #3 (of 4) - Fan-favorite Fray artist Karl Moline joins series writer John Arcudi and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola for a look through the eyes of a new recruit into the life of the B.P.R.D.'s resident firestarter, as Liz Sherman finds herself thrust from the sidelines to become the Bureau's super soldier in the frog war.

Buck Rogers #1The future begins now! Join us as we present pop culture's first hero -- Buck Rogers! The first man out of timeÖ the first man to be taken from his present and thrown into the futureÖ the inspiration for countless heroes, and it all begins here! From the thrilling adventure presented in Dynamite's introductory issue #0 last month, the creative team of writer Scott Beatty, artist Carlos Rafael and 50/50 cover artists Alex Ross and John Cassaday (Cassaday serves as the regular cover artist for the series) present this all-new issue #1! In the tradition of modern stories for iconic legendary heroes, Buck Rogers is the next BIG hit series from Dynamite! Join us for an all-new presentation of this classic sci-fi hero as the future truly begins now! Hey, we could tell you more, but that would ruin the surprise of the comic adventure! Everytime I read Buck Rogers I hear that stupid little robot and its annoying sound it made from the TV show of this character. I should g re-read the original newspaper strip again - great stuff.

Fables #85Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges; Art by Tony Akins and Andrew Pepoy; Cover by Joao Ruas. "The Great Fables Crossover" part 7 of 9! Jack Horner, meet Jack Frost. But wait a minute! Didn't we already establish that Jack Horner was Jack Frost? Concerning the nature of his craft, Tom Clancy once opined that the "difference between fiction and reality is that fiction has to make sense." If this is so, how do we explain Jack being put in charge of the Farm and all of Fablekind? How do we explain Jack being allowed to babysit Bigby and Snow's cubs? How does that make sense? We here at Fables headquarters can only come to one conclusion: as impossible as it may seem, Fables isn't fiction, it's real.

Final Crisis Aftermath Escape #2 (of 6)Written by Ivan Brandon; Art by Marco Rudi; Cover by Scott Hampton. Good morning, and welcome to the second day of your stay in Electric City. We are your providers, the Global Peace Agency. Time to take a dip in the Time Pool. What's the worst that can happen? You are a valued guest. You can leave any time you want. You have nothing to fear. You will tell us everything...

Flash the Human Race TPWritten by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar; Art by Mike Parobeck, Paul Ryan, Pop Mhan, Steve Lightle and others; Cover by Steve Lightle. Grant Morrison and Mark Millar's run with the Fastest Man Alive continues here! Collects THE FLASH #136-141 as well as a story from SECRET ORIGINS #50. I also order the first trade of their run on the book as I hear it has Black Flash stuff and I don't remember these issues.

Green Lantern Corps #37 - Written by Peter J. Tomasi: Art and Cover by Patrick Gleason and Rebecca Buchman. The penultimate "Emerald Eclipse" chapter is upon us as the breakout on Oa leads to vast devastation and death across the planet. As the War of Light rages, do Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Kilowog and the rest of the Corps have the willpower to quell the riot and overcome the napalm-spewing Red Lanterns and the fear-spreading Sinestro Corps?

JSA vs Kobra: The Engines of Faith #1 (of 6)Written by Eric Trautmann; Art by Don Kramer and Michael Babinski; Cover by Gene Ha. The new lord of Kobra has shown his true face of evil, and now the JSA stands ready to face Kobra. But the old tactics may not work against this new terrorist network. Conspiracy mastermind Eric Trautmann (CHECKMATE, FINAL CRISIS: RESIST) and artist Don Kramer (DETECTIVE COMICS, NIGHTWING) take you inside the mind of Jason Burr, the diabolically clever Kobra leader whose goal is nothing less than bringing the world into the age of Kali Yuga. Set throughout the major cities of the DC Universe and wrapped in the gorgeous covers of Gene Ha (TOP 10), this 6-issue miniseries sets the stakes higher than ever before for the Justice Society!

The Life and Times of Savior 28 #3 - Having turned his back on his life as a super hero, the legendary Savior 28 sets out to transform himself... and the world. But a humiliating public debacle shows 28 that change isn't as easy as he imagined...and so he sets off on a global journey of self-discovery that sows the seeds of his own tragic downfall.

Miss America Comics 70th Anniversary Special - A brand new adventure of one of comics’ original super-heroines! Plus an extra-special classic reprint of one of her original 1940’s adventures. Jen van Meter (Black Lightning) and Andy MacDonald (Punisher: WAR JOURNAL) take you back to a time when the fate of the United States rested not only in thousands of men fighting for freedom overseas, but also in the hands of the women back home building the equipment that would keep the country running and winning! So get ready Axis Annie, Vichy Vixen, and...Madame Mauzer! Her name might be Miss America…but she sure ain’t gonna miss a chance to sock evil in the face! (This solicit brought to you by a very tipsy editor!)

Proof #20"JULIA," Part Three. As Scotland Yard closes in, London's circus freaks join forces to track down Springheel Jack and end his reign of terror.

Sherlock Holmes #2 (of 5)Continuing their new exploration of literary icons, Dynamite Entertainment presents the ultimate mystery as they unveil Sherlock Holmes! Written by Leah Moore and John Reppion with reverence and a modern edge, artist Aaron Campbell completes the Victorian mood under the striking and iconic John Cassaday covers. Issue #2 finds Holmes in jail, fighting for his very life as 'The Trial of Sherlock Holmes' continues!

Storming Paradise #6 (of 6)- Written by Chuck Dixon; Art by Butch Guice and Eduardo Barreto; Cover by Butch Guice. The final, titanic battle for Japan concludes, but at what cost is the victory? Will Operation Olympic be remembered as the final, grand victory in a long war – or a blood-soaked nightmare?

Titans #14Written by Hugh Sterbakov; Art by Angel Unzueta and Wayne Faucher; Cover by Angel Unzueta. Starting this issue, we begin one-shot "Day in the Life" stories. And this issue stars Cyborg! In the grueling aftermath of the "Deathtrap" arc, Vic Stone must face the very teammates he feels he let down big-time. How he deals with it will shock you!

Uncanny X-Men #511 - “Sisterhood” We will let this image speak for itself! Part 4 (of 4). Wow – I just hope the next arc is better and this is not Jean Grey coming back yet.

The Unknown #2 (of 4) - She has solved every mystery known to man. But there is one mystery that remains… UNKNOWN! Revered as the smartest person alive, Catherine Allingham is the world’s most famous private investigator. Follow her adventures as she sets out to solve the one mystery she’s never been able to crack - DEATH! A new original mini-series from Mark (KINGDOM COME) Waid in the vein of RUSE with EXCALIBUR’s Minck Oosterveer.

Unthinkable #2 (of 4) - The UNTHINKABLE has just begun! Can Alan Ripley stop his worst-case terror scenarios from coming true? Will he discover who’s REALLY behind the attacks? Or will they discover HIM? The mystery begins to unravel in part two of the explosive new mini-series from the fiendish mind of Mark (TWO-FACE YEAR ONE, CYBORG) Sable and the blood stained brush of THE REMNANT’s Julian Totino Tedesco

The Unwritten #2Written by Mike Carey; Art by Peter Gross; Cover by Yuko Shimizu. Tom Taylor sets off on a desperate search for the truth about his own life – a hunt that will strip bare the hidden connections behind the world's great fictions. As the mysterious Unwritten cabal set their own counterplot in motion to stop him, Tom arrives at the Swiss villa where Frankenstein was conceived and witnesses a terrifying vision! The award-winning team of Mike Carey (X-Men, HELLBLAZER) and Peter Gross (FABLES, Chosen) continue the next epic Vertigo hit!

X-Factor #44 - “DIRTY SEXY MONET” Monet St. Croix: Smoking hot. Steamy. Gorgeous. Did we mention she was smoking hot? And suddenly she's taking charge of protecting X-Factor’s client from a serial killer while displaying extreme romantic interest in one of the team. Business as usual? Or something darkly sinister going on? And if you were the one Monet was coming on to, would you care?

Starman and Sandman Action Figures – Out of the four coming out this week these two were too cool to pass up on. The loopy Starman and the all new and uber-cool Sandman. I would love to see DC green light a new Sandman series or at least a mini-series.

Not sure why I got Titans this week, the book should be cancelled by me, but the next issue is the return of Tempest (formerly Aqualad) and I guess that story has me interested so I stayed on just to keep current. Also the guy writing this issue is unfamiliar to me and I like seeing new writers so that also kept me in, but this book needs to be better quickly. A few other titles are on the list, but nothing else that is in major jeopardy. Last week was a great week for comics and that always makes me an easy mark to hold onto other books at times.


  1. A new Sandman would have to be a lot better than the last one. Maybe Matt Wagner can spare some time from Madam Xanadu.

  2. Frell, no one told me I had to tie into the crossover megaevent! It will ruin my continuity!

  3. I live to ruin continuity.