Monday, June 08, 2009

The Weekly Headlines

So I'm playing around with a idea for a regualr post called Weekly Headlines. The idea is to go out and pull headlines from some of the major sites and give you the link to the article and add my two cents. I'm thinking it might be a fun post for Saturday.

Dynamite To Publish New Stan Lee Comic

I loved Stan Lee growing up, but that was Stan and Jack, Stan and Steve, Stan and fillin artists name here. The magic is gone and this will be a pass for me.

Abnett & Lanning on Marvel/Top Cow's "Fusion"

This is another pass for me. I love Abnett & Lanning as writers, but I have no desire to waste my money on a pointless cross-over with lame-ass Top Cow characters that I have never been interested in.


This looks like way too much fun to pass up. It feels like Marvel is giving the keys to the crazy kids and letting them play with their toys.

Howard Porter Happy to be a MAGOG Cog

After the hand injury he is probably happy to be able to work. Porter has never quite done it for me. So let’s see lame-ass character, hit and miss writer lately and middle of the pact artist – OH YEAH – smells like a book that will be under 15,000 in sales in less then six months.

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