Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RollerBlades and Me

So, I went out rollerblading at lunch today. Nothing makes you feel more alive than rollerblading for 3 miles in 85 degree temperatures and 100% humidity.

Anyway, as I was going I realized that the ipod was set to Prince. Granted it was the Greatest Hits, but still the purple wonder Prince. Which begs the obvious question, is it too girly to listen to Prince while working out? Is it wrong to sing "Raspberry Beret" while traveling at high speeds?

Is it mitigated by doing sprints to Killers, "Somebody Told Me" and cool down to Kinks "(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman"?

Or should I stick to NiN, "Hand that Feeds"?

Occasionally, I wonder if I have too much time on my hands if I'm wondering about my ipod track list. Oh well, more pointless musing later...


  1. It's girly to listen to the Killers.

  2. WHAT????? The Killers first album has one good song... maybe two. I didn't say I listened to the whole thing!

  3. Where's the AC/DC? Twisted Sister? Excercise needs kick ass music.

  4. Nah, but it's girly that you worry about being too girly.

    And BTW, I agree with Arielle -- while the Killers are a pretty awesome band, they're MUCH girlier than Prince.

  5. WHAT??? Killers are more girly than Prince? You must be joking! The man dressed in purple.. PURPLE for goodness sake. The Killers just look dirty.

    Prince is waaaayyy girlier than Killers.

  6. Oh yeah... and Thomm. Come on. I not suggesting you make to this century but how about at least to the 90's. Twisted Sister???

    It is to laugh.

    Watch me laugh.

    HA HA

    that's the laugh... HA HA.