Monday, May 13, 2013

DC August Solicitations – A Rant

Over/Under is 14 issues for this title.
So I scanned through the solicitations for DC. This used to be my favorite thing to do every month. There would be a few new series being launched, a couple of nice hard cover offerings and my stores would be smiling when I emailed in my order.

Now it is scroll through and see two series I was getting have been canned, Demon Knights and Threshold. To be fair Demon Knights was an iffy book for me, but with the new writer and Bernard Chang off the book I was hopeful. Alas it is not to be. Threshold was a book waiting to be cancelled. A $4 comic featuring the 60’s space heroes and some other characters updated for today. Add in an odd Green Lantern being hunted by the entire city. Wait, is that too enticing, how about a back up with Larfleeze. Who the hell thought this would work anyone. Sidebar: Larfleeze as a series, goes out in under 12 issues.

Not a single new series is being launched as DC is holding off for their villain month next month. Of course this will blow a hole in any story telling continuity for every title. And it is not like DC has not done villain spotlights before, sigh gimmicks.

DC is so f**ked right now. Didio and Harras are like twin whirlwinds of destruction that believe they know best in what they are doing. Sure, they are some gems still being produced but between Wildstorm being absorbed and Vertigo being raped the comic book side of the equation is a shallow pool to be sure.

Then I look at the hard covers and nothing is being offered. It is just reprints of the new 52 being put out as hard cover and trades. Nothing is being done with the catalog of great books that DC has in its history. Where is a high end collection of the Wein and Wrightson Swamp Thing? How about publishing a trade paperback in color featuring those goofy 60’s space characters like Space Ranger, Star Rover, Multi-Alien and others? What the hell happened to the rest of Neal Adams DC work being done in hard covers? It seems DC has abandoned their past. It makes an odd sense that they are floundering as once you wipe away you past so thoroughly it is hard to know who you are anymore.  

DC is now my third choice as Alternative Publishers is first, then Marvel, then DC, from first to last in under 2 years. Congratufuckulations DC.



  1. It's not the point of your post but DC put out a HC of Wein/Wrightson Swamp Thing back in '09. It had a crappy dust jacket but it was done. As for the 60s space characters, even I know there's no money in that. Actually, even I wouldn't buy that... and that says alot.

    While you and I might not like it, reprinting all the DCNu stuff is the right thing to do. DC is still trying to build the base. And doing so means making sure all the new stuff is in print.

    As much as this hurts, DC cares about the newer, younger reader more than us.

  2. Oh, and this is the best 60's space hero collection there is.

    From Amazon.

    I'll figure out the link thing some day. No too much of any one character and plenty of good art. And about as much as you can take in one sitting. And that's said by a Silverage comic book lover!

  3. Disagree - no reason to not do collections for older fans. Print runs of 500 are more feasible then ever before (I have that trade you mentioned). Swamp Thing was not done as a high end Absolute type deal, which it deserves.

    DC sales are going down, down and down so why I know I'm not the target market, ignore the older fans at your peril.