Sunday, March 31, 2013

Comic Covers Sunday: Frank Miller

This week I wanted to do something alittle different.  I wanted to highlight the covers of Frank Miller.  But not just any Frank Miller, the young gun Frank Miller before Dark Knight Returns.  So today we look at Frank Miller covers between Daredevil #158, May 1979 and Batman Dark Knight was published in 1986

X-men Annual #3, 1979
Pencils: Frank Miller
Inks: Terry Austin
Talk about unaware!  I never realized this was Miller.  I loved this cover as a kid and of course with interior art by Perez, I loved the insides too.

Rom #3, February 1980
Pencils: Frank Miller
Inks: Terry Austin
And, if you were wondering what got me on this thread, this is the cover that did it.  I wanted to include it in last week's Rom post but decided to break it out as part of this week.  It's amazing how different this cover looks from the X-men cover considering it's the same inker.

Star Wars #47, May 1981
Pencils: Frank Miller
Inks: James Sherman
One of the things I love about this Sunday post is finding new covers.  I would never have guessed this was Miller.  I wonder if he cringes when he see this now?

What If #27, July 1981
Pencils/inks: Frank Miller
This is just like the X-men Annual because I loved the cover as a kid.  While the story is still fun, the interior by Jerry Bingham isn't nearly as much fun as Perez.

Superman, The Secret Years #3, April 1985
Pencils/inks: Frank Miller
Ronin #1 was published in July 1983 and that's really where Miller started to change his style.  This is somewhere between Ronin and Dark Knight.   It's a great cover.  And in this case it's real bait-switch with Curt Swan interiors.

That's it for this week, now go outside and enjoy the snow or sun.

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  1. Dude, you're not kidding with the bait-and-switch on Secret Years! I love those covers though. Great post. Have a great Easter! You've got to give him credit for showing Artoo in a different position.