Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Week of March 27 in Review Preview

Just two parts this week, but Part 2 a long one as I cover 17 books with brief remarks and commentary. The clips for this week:

Think Tank #6 – One of the Best Books – The Week of March 27 in Review – Part 1 of 2

Think Tank #6 is by Matt Hawkins and Rahsan Ekedal. This book I would put up there with Action Philosophers as a book that is both entertaining and educational. At the same time it is a taut thriller on the order of a Tom Clancy novel as our hero is a smart guy caught up in military adventures. Then on top of that it is a very cool almost science fiction feel to it as it takes the technology of today and sometimes pushes into tomorrow. Finally it is a character study and the story of a genius Dr. David Loren trying to make the world he lives in work.

What I Read The Week of March 27 in Review Part 2 of 2

East of West #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta was okay. Hickman is one of the most frustrating writers out there. In some ways he reminds me of Azzarello in that it is not a straight forward approach to what story he is telling. What that means that even a successful story will read better as a trade. Even with that the alternative history of Earth he has created is a vastly different world. The US is a group of 8 countries now and we have a wildly different type of today. It is a mix of a high tech wild west with a touch of Christian mythology as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, at least three of them, are our central characters. What is going on and why things are happening are still to be explained. The art is solid and at times very good.

Buy it and try it – not for everyone.

Come back Monday and Tuesday for the full length feature.

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  1. I actually liked East and West -- it was very engaging and I definitely wanted to learn more. Not sure you can call something that hasn't happened yet "mythology" -- I'd say "prophesy" instead (whether you believe it or not).