Sunday, April 14, 2013

Preview of the Week of April 10 in Review

This week consists of four detailed reviews instead of the massively long short commentaries of everything I read. Consistency in a format is something I actually strive against.
Some snippets from each post:

Sex #2 - A Review Part 1 of 4 The Week of April 10 in Review

What I enjoy about so many comic book stories is how they all rely on various iconic super heroes to give us a short hand method of understanding them. In this book the main character Simon Cooke is playing a Batman role. We understand the character from the jump because we all have a working knowledge of Batman. We see Simon as a hero who retired and lost the battle for the soul of the city. He has come back to run his industrial empire. What caused him to retire and what has created all the uncertainty in him is being revealed in drips and drabs. Will he be pulled back into the life or will he be able to adjust to just being the CEO.

Secret Service #6 (of 6) – A Review Part 2 of 4 The Week of April 10 in Review

As for the book itself it is derivative of Wanted as the young man is replacing the older man in the same role. As opposed to Wanted ending with Millar telling us he has f**ked us up the ass, this book tells us the only good work is that of public service. Both are just f**king us up the ass as the best thing to do is what supports your family and hopefully makes you happy. The actual ending of the book is all the young agents are recruited to attack the bad guy’s hideout. It was like I was re-watching the end of the James Bond movie You Only Live Twice.  I could actually hear the music score in my head as the attack took place.

Polarity #1 – A Review – Part 3 of 4 – The Week of April 10 in Review

The story itself is about a young artist who after going crazy, due to bi-polar disorder is medicated and made normal. The problem is that normal is making him feel ordinary and his art is suffering. The girl friend he does not want is also telling him that he is no longer the exciting vibrant person she knew before. While his best friend is giving him rationale advice, Tim, the central character, is not feeling good about being normal.

Batman #19 – A Review Part 4 of 4 – The Week of April 10 in Review

Scott is a fantastic writer and I keep wondering if he is over reaching with his stories or if DC editorial is impacting what he is trying to do with the book. Given how much DC editorial has interfered in all of the titles, it is a fair question and one that will never be answered. Of course my expectations for Scott are so damn high that I judge him harsher and hold him to a higher standard then I do many writers.

See the entire exciting posts in all their glory on Monday and Tuesday.

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