Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Week of April 24 in Review Preview

Four parts this week and as always filled with opinions and commentary.  A quick side note I read Global Frequency Part 1 by Warren Ellis and various artists, it was about six issues long and every damn issue was one and done and a great read. I miss that type of comic. Also saw Oblivion last night and it was a fun sci-fi action movie with some fun ideas in it. The only problem I had was the ending was turned into a Hollywood ending and the movie was hurt by it. Like Minority Report, adding the sugar coated ending takes away from the movie. Life is not always the perfecting ending. Damn, that was a long preamble.
Clips from the posts:

Jupiter’s Legacy #1 – A Review Part 1 of 4 of the Week of April 24 in Review

As to the actual comic book itself, wow what a great f**king story. Mark Millar and Frank Quietly just knocked it out of the park. First and foremost Frank is one of my favorite comic book artists. His women are drop dead gorgeous, all of his characters are distinct, his story telling is superb, his ability to display emotion with body language and facial expression top notch. The colors by Peter Doherty add to the quality of Frank’s work with flat tones that imparts realism to an unreal world of super heroes. The book is a piece of art.

DCU Death of A Legacy and DC Books I Read Part 2 of 4 of the Week of April 24 in Review

In reading Jupiter’s Legacy it reminded me that the new DCU has destroyed the legacy of the DCU Universe. It is my opinion this is perhaps the biggest problem with the new DCU. DC tired to have it both ways by starting five years into the new DCU but has found that their severe lack of planning has made many continuity elements unfeasible, but they try to make them work anyway.

Marvel Books I Read Part 3 of 4 of the Week of April 24 in Review

Guardians of the Galaxy #2 was another solid issue in this new series. I did find it immediately amusing the Steve (I’m not producing 20 pages in a month ever) McNiven is already only doing part of the book. What I love about multiple artists on this book is how Marvel made it work. The pages given to Sara Pichelli are a different story line and colored very differently. That means not having the same art was not jarring at all, plus she is a very strong artist in her own right. So many of Benidis’ books have the pace set in geological terms, but this book is moving at a great clip. The battle in London is full of action, the “B” story line is setting up the confrontation to come and the conclusion was a brilliant cliff hanger. Also I never thought integrating Iron Man into this title would work, but so far it is working to perfection.

Buy it.

Alternative Press Books I Read Part 4 of 4 of the Week of April 24 in Review

Clone #6 by David Schuler, Aaron Ginsburg and Wade McIntire as writers with Juan Jose Ryp as artist is a very good sci-fi thriller. Luke, the Alpha clone, is trying to escape from his father and the camp of clones to save his wife. With some help he escapes and sends a mad killer (another clone of himself but younger) in the direction of the camp by accident. His wife is being held captive and apparently there is steroid clone Mark at that facility. A lot of plot elements are going on fast and furiously but the book holds together well. At its core is Luke trying to save his wife and child. Ryp’s art is solid as always and goes a long way in making this book work.

Buy it.

The full length features coming Monday and Tuesday.


  1. I liked Oblivion, but not the ending. I was too invested in his other "wife" and his relationship with the "real" one seemed artificial. Beautiful design though.

  2. Matthew - I can see that and now that you mention it they invested a lot in making that relationship feel real. I just hated that the "real" wife still ended up with a husband. It diminished the movie in some way for me.