Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Week of April 17 in Review Preview

I made it very simple this week and wrote about every book that I got around to reading. I then broke it into two posts to keep the length reasonable.

A clip from each post:

What I Read – The Week of April 17 in Review – Part 1 of 2

Nova #3, the kid looks like he is 12 and going to high school. I hate the ultra young heroes. That is why I could care less about 12 year old Ultimate Spider-Man and I’m having issues with this book. I was shocked to hear Loeb and McGuinness are off the book after five issues, maybe that means we can get more story per issue. McGuinness big bold panels mean you get less story per issue then almost any other comic. To give Loeb credit he tries to pack as much as he can into the book. This issue Nova goes to Moon, meets the Watcher, gets trained by Gamora and Rocket and then goes off to scout out the invading bad guys coming in from space. It is a fun ride and a decent book, but again paying the extra buck for the digital comic is not worth it.

Read it on the stands, it will only take a minute.

What I Read – The Week of April 17 in Review – Part 2 of 2

Miniature Jesus #1 by Ted McKeever was interesting. A recovering drunk is seeing things and at a church a miniature Jesus comes off the cross and comes to life. The whacky preacher goes to step on Jesus and that was the issue. It is also oversized and in black and white. I’m an idiot so I will buy the next issue, but this is obviously a graphic novel being split into solo issues to underwrite the hoped for trade. Not enough occurred to draw me in 100% but McKeever’s work is nothing if not interesting.

Wait for the trade.

Come back Monday and Tuesday to see it all!

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